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2020   Conference: “Il mestiere del traduttore: un ponte fra il libro e l’autore”, Liceo Alfieri Torino, 18.12.2020 
2020  Summer School Suedtirol: “Das Wagnis des Übersetzens: Wenn der Text zum eigenen Spiegelbild wird.”
2020  Webinar “L’utopisme postcolonial chez Fouad Laroui: La vieille dame du riad et Les tribulations du dernier Sijilmassi” – Université de Béni-Mellal, Laboiratoire de Recherches Appliquées LRALLARC
2020  Paper: “Francophonie et traduction: le cas de Fouad Laroui”, Université de Béni-Mellal, Morocco, Colloque international “Francophonie et langues migrantes”
2020  Paper: “Darija and Other Languages in Fouad Laroui”, 51th Nemla Annual Conference in Boston, March 2020
2019  Paper: “Migration to and Integration in Europe Through the Eyes of a Moroccan Author: Creating Collective Memory Through Translation”, Universität Innsbruck, Austria, International Conference “Translating Cultural Memory in Fiction and Testimony - Memory Studies and Translation Studies in Dialogue”
2019  Seminar of the Doctoral School on Cultural Transfer in Translation with Diana Roig Sanz and Petra Broomans, Ghent University and KU Leuven @Brussels
2019  Paper: “La transculturalité et l’hétérolinguisme de Fouad Laroui en traduction”, Université de Béni-Mellal, Morocco, Colloque international “Fouad Laroui, écrivain transculturel”
2019  Paper: “The Transcultural Non-Place of Translation in Fouad Laroui’s Les Tribulations du dernier Sijilmassi”, 50th Nemla Annual Conference in Washington D.C., March 2019
2017  Paper: “Le choix nécessaire entre texte et langue” + panel on translating Fouad Laroui, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France, “Fouad Laroui – L’humour de l’entre-deux” 
2017  Università degli Studi di Padova, Dipartimento di Studi linguistici e letterari, speaker at the translation seminar: “Tra scrittura e traduzione – La consapevolezza del mestiere” (Between writing and translating – The awareness of the job)
2016  Pordenone – Speaker at “Spaesamenti e nuove identità” on my translation of Un anno con i francesi by Fouad Laroui
2015  ASTTI Financial Translation Summer University Spiez, leading the DE / EN – IT  workshop “CSR communication: una questione di stile”
2014  Residency at Translation House Looren, Switzerland
2014  BUK – Small and medium publishers Festival, Translation Slam French-Italian together with Giovanni Zucca, book by: Laure Mi Hyun Croset      
2014  Max Planck Institut, Berlin: part of a study on translators and interpreters
2013  (Mrs.) Carter Workshop for Professional Literary Translators, Villa Cernigliaro, Italy
2013  ALTA Annual Conference – Bloomington, Indiana: Presentation of Authors & Translators
2013  Speaker at “Bearing Across: Translating Literary Narratives of Migration”, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, with the talk “Translating Fouad Laroui: A Journey Through Languages and Cultures” and Translators’ Round Table
2012  Residency at Translation House Looren, Switzerland
2011  Speaker at Istituto Italiano di Cultura + Northern California Translators Association: “Creativity Revealed: from Translation to Writing”
2011  Speaker at the FIT XIX World Congress with the talk “On the Intriguing Relationship Between Literary Translation and Creativity”
2011  TheMoth GrandSlam, New York City, Storytelling, “Into the Wild”
2010  2nd International Conference on Creativity and Writing: Orivesi College of Arts, Finland, 
November 19 – 22 2010: “Being Creative in Literary Translation: A Practical Experience”
2010  Winner of TheMoth StorySlam, New York City, Storytelling, “Secrets”
2010  WALTIC 2010 – 2nd Writers’ and Literary Translators’ International Congress, Istanbul, with the talk “On the Fine Line between Translating and Writing: Implications of Two Creative Acts”
2010  Paesaggi di poesia, multimedia reading at Mel Bookstore in Bologna for the presentation of the book 100 Poesie dalla DDR
2010  Book Fair in Lepizig, round table for the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin about contemporary German literature in translation   
2010  International Translators’ Meeting for Literary Translators from German, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin


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